Project Photos – Home of Tina Cromatie (House #1)

The photos below show the start-to-finish of the student builders’ work & the moving in by the owner.  Click on a photo to see the enlarged version.

Owner’s personalized interior touches to make the house a home (4/24/13)

Back corner of living room completed by the students

Back corner of living room decorated by owner

Front corner of living room completed by the students

Front corner of living room as decorated by owner

Kitchen as completed by students

Kitchen with the owner's special touches

Another view of owner's customization of the kitchen

House completion & dedication; Tina takes ownership (2/22/13)

The completed house

Dedication program

Seniors stand on the porch of their creation

Seniors & juniors stand proud at the house they built

Students present signed plywood panel to Tina

Academy teacher, Rick Terkovich

Tina cutting the ceremonial ribbon

Ernie presents keys to Tina

The completed house, ready for the dedication and turning over the keys to Tina

Home’s owner is chosen by Habitat

Tina Cromatie opening the front door to her new house for the first time

Team members with the new owner (David Porter- Architect, student builder Mitchell Vasquez, Bernard Godek- Exec. Dir. of Habitat PBC, owner Tina Cromatie, and Rick Terkovich - Academy instructor)

Porch built, module connection trim, siding started, electrical wiring connections (12/7/12); this work completed by Habitat

Siding installation underway

Shed completed by Habitat

Wires roughed in by students pulled into shed

Trim at module connection joints started

Rough construction for porch completed

It's coming together nicely


AC installation completed by Royal Palm Beach HS Air Conditioning Academy students (12/6/12)

Air handler installed and piped

Ductwork neatly installed in attic

Ductwork in attic

AC compressor pad set; Refrigerant piping run from pad through crawlspace to AHU


Dwyer HS Construction Academy begin back shed construction (11/17/12)

Moving & Installation Day (11/14/12: 6 AM until 5 PM)

6:09 AM; first trailer & module leave the school

First module turning into it's neighborhood home

Crawlspace foundation anxiously awaits its home

Master BR module being lifted into place

Setting MBR module onto foundation

Last flight for the Living Room module

Kitchen module fitting perfectly onto foundation

Roof section lifted from trailer

Roof section coming in for permanent landing

Roof sections in place on top of modules

Kitchen module seeing daylight for first time

Modules joined as a complete house for first time

5 PM; house all assembled & water tight

A successful conclusion to the students work

Construction complete; Loading Day (11/13/12: 8:30 AM until 2 PM)

Roof section lifted for loading

Roof section onto trailer

First module squeezing out the door

It fits !!!! (yeah, we knew that all along)

Keep coming

Almost out

It's Out !!! and ready for lifting

Modules easily rolled out under student power

Loading onto a trailer

Loading continues until 7 trailers are filled

Cabinets installed, roller test, electrical testing (11/5/12)

Robert Trepp of Cardinal Electric worked with students to test out all final electrical and lighting connections.  All worked flawlessly without any corrections needed.

Kitchen cabinets completed

Bathroom vanity cabinet & light installed

Roof section fabricated

Roof section dried in

Rollers to be used to roll the modules out the door

4 students easily pushed the modules along the slab


Foundation blockwork laid (11/3/12)

Concrete work and blockwork supervision provided by John Elliott and his crew from All Phase, Inc. The blockwork was installed by 6 apprentices from the Florida Masonry Apprentice & Educational Foundation of Palm Beach County.

Footings reinforced & ready to pour concrete (10/31/12)

Foundation work started (10/24/12)

Footings dug and formed

Assembly of roof sections started (10/15/12)

Interior doors & trim done; all interior painted (10/15/12)


Knock-down texture applied (10/11/12)

Student builder knocking down spray applied compound on wall

Student builder knocking down spray applied compound on ceiling

Knock down finish completed


Lot has been cleared (10/9/12)

Looking from street toward back of lot

Looking from back of lot toward street

Ceiling drywall hung; all drywall finishing done; interior doors & trim started (9/21/12)

Drywall finishing on walls in progress (5/31/12)

Drywall on walls almost all hung; shower & tub installed (5/10/12)

Insulation installation; windows sealed; exterior door installed (5/2/12)

AC cans roughed in by Royal Palm Beach HS AC Academy (5/1/12)

Final rough-in (plumbing & electrical); Blueskin underlayment (4/20/12)

Sheathing finished; plumbing & electrical rough about ready for inspection (3/30/12)

Sheathing started; Plumbing rough completed; Electrical rough continuing (3/8/12)

Electrical & Plumbing Rough Started (2/22/12)

Walls and Ceiling Framing completed (2/10/12)

Exterior walls framing (12/16/11)

Exterior walls framing 1
Exterior walls framing 2
Exterior walls framing 3
Exterior walls framing 4
Exterior walls framing 5
Exterior walls framing 6
Exterior walls framing 7
Exterior walls framing 8

Exterior walls framing (12/8/11)

Exterior walls framing in progress 1
Exterior walls framing in progress 2
Exterior walls framing in progress 3

Installation of the floor insulation (10/14/11)

Floor insulation installed in all modules
Floor insulation
Floor insulation close-up

Start of Floor Joists Installation (9/16/11)

Floor joists layout
Students at work on the floor joists
Observation of work by contractors & mentors

The Shop and The Beginning (8/30/11)

The Shop and rim board layout for all 4 modules

Inside view of the shop door the modules will go out through
The modules will make it out the door with a ‘whopping’ 2 1/2″ to spare
Rim boards layout