Project Photos – Home of Widlene Cenom (House #2)

Finished home & Handing Over the Keys (2/27/14)

Happy family about to cut the ribbon

Mom & daughter entering house for first time

Right side view of completed house

Rear view of completed house

Left side view of completed house

Kitchen ready to make some meals

Bathroom ready for occupancy

Student builders standing proudly in front of their accomplishment

Video of part of “Install Day”

PB Post installation video

Modules and Roof Sections become a house; “Install Day” (11/13/13)

6 AM: 2 modules leave school

Down the road at 60 MPH

Crane setting at the foundation

1st module arriving for off-load

Up, up, and away

Flying module into place

Lowering down

Almost there

2nd module lowering into place

2nd module in place

3rd module flying thru the air

3rd module lowering onto foundation

Last module into place

Last module on foundation

Connection is perfect

All modules in place

Flying of 1st roof section

Another roof section

Lowering of roof section

Roof section lifted off trailer

Last roof section in the air

Assembly done at 3:30 PM

Separate parts become a whole house

Ready to Move; “Load Day” (11/12/13)

Roof section being loaded

Roof section onto trailer

2 Roof sections loaded

1st module coming out

Yes, it fits thru the door

Almost out

It's out

Onto a trailer

Living room module being loaded

Students push module out the door


Interior painted, trimmed, doors installed, light fixtures being installed (11/7/13)

Living Room

Laundry & AHU Closet

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Eating area


Foundation at the property started by Habitat (10/24/13)

Property viewed from corner

Footings dug (front view)

Footings dug (right side view)

Footings dug (view from rear)

Wall footings dug

Porch pier footings formed

Knock-down finish being applied to drywall (10/22/13)




Drywall installed & being finished (9/30/13)

Drywall finishing

Drywall finishing at kitchen window

Drywall finished

Drywall finished

Roof sections being constructed(9/30/13)

Roof section being assembled inside shop

Student-builder nailing plywood sheathing

Roof sections assembled

Roof sections dried in

Plumbing, AC, and Electrical rough inspected and approved (8/30/13)

Electrical panel installed

Plumbing rough done approved

Plumbing through ceiling joists

Wiring rough inside walls completed

Electrical wiring in ceiling joists

Windows installed; plumbing, electrical rough done (5/17/13 at end of 2012-13 school year)

Front of house modules

Left side of house modules

Master bath plumbing & electrical

Bathroom plumbing & wiring

Bathtub installed

Shower installed

Kitchen wall plumbing & electric

Bedroom electrical work

Blueskin installed; Plumbing rough done; electrical in progress; windows being installed (4/19/13)

(Students continue to impress with skill, workmanship, and speed; now approximately 6 months ahead of last year’s house)

Blueskin underlayment installed

Bathroom plumbing rough

Plumbing & electrical rough

Washing machine plumbing rough

Kitchen electrical rough in progress

Windows being installed

Wall sheathing installed (4/3/13)

Sheathing all installed & nailed

Routing sheathing edges for neat fit

Filling in nails where missed

Ceiling joists installed; wall framing complete

Neatly & securely completed framing

Straps installed; ceiling joist installation started (3/11/13)

Installation of ceiling joist ledger

Installation of ceiling joist ledger

Installation of ceiling joist ledger & straps

Stud-to-Floor structure straps installed

Header & top plate straps

Walls up (3/4/13)

Floor sheathing done; walls framing started 2/6/13

(Pace of work by students approximately 3 months ahead of schedule achieved with first Habitat house; quality so far greatly improved over House 1)

Floor framing 1/18/13

Construction start 1/8/13