Project Photos – Home of Tirado Family (House #3)

Dedication Day and the Turning Over the Keys (3/30/15)

The Completed House

Completed house close-up

Living Room

Wow, what a kitchen

Hallway with daylight at the end

Hall bathroom

Master Bath

Owner and her 2 boys cutting the ribbon

Install Day 12/16/14

Foundation is ready

Set up & ready for assembly

1st module approaches

1st module up, up, and away

1st module in the air

1st module approaches

1st module about to be set

1st module set

2nd module in for a landing

2nd module set

3rd module being lowered

Aerial of last module being lowered

Last house module being set

All perfectly square

Gap between modules perfect

The assembled house interior

1st roof section in the air

2nd roof section

2 roof sections set

Next to last roof section

Attic formed by assembled roof sections

The Assembled House

Front aerial of assembled house

Components assembly complete


Load Day 12/15/14

Lifting roof sections onto trailers

Roof section onto trailer

Roof sections on trailer

House module being pushed out of shop by a few students

Here it comes

Some more

Almost out

Out and ready to be lifted

Loaded onto trailer

Trailers staged overnight in a Jupiter park

Ready to ship; On 12/15/14, 7 tractor-trailers will be loaded at the school with the 4 house modules and 6 roof sections.  On 12/16/14, all will be methodically flown through the air by crane and assembled into a completed house

Modules completed & ready for shipping (11/25/14)

Finished and ready to roll

Awaiting the shipping process

Drywall installation & finishing (11/18/14)

Drywall finishing in progress

Drywall finishing in progress

Drywall finishing in progress

Drywall finishing in progress

Drywall finishing completed this room

Drywall finish around window

Water resistant drywall finish

Site prep for foundation (by Habitat 11/12/14)

Lot looking from street

Close-up of lot building area

Lot looking back to front

Inspections passed; Insulation started (10/10/14)



Electrical & plumbing rough completed; windows & building wrap done (10/10/14)




4 - washer box & piping



7 - tub in place

8 - bathroom plumbing

9 - master bath plumbing

10 - plumbing & electric through back wall to go into shed

11 - ceiling plumbing & wiring

12 - coils of wire to make circuit connections after modules' assembly

Electrical rough-in underway; windows installed (9/14/14)

Boxes installed; some wire pulled

Kitchen electrical rough

Walls all framed and sheathed (5/21/14)

Exterior walls being framed (4/23/14)

Walls framing 1

Walls framing 2

Walls framing 3

Walls framing 4

Walls framing 5

Teaching & learning plumb

Walls framing 7

Walls framing 8

Exterior walls framed


Owner meets the students (4/22/14) 

Owner meets a class

Owner meets another class

Proud owner seeing her house built

Owner and teacher, Mr. Terkovich


Roof sections dried-in (3/28/14)

Felt paper tin tagged to sheathing

Student builder installing tin tags

Dried-in roof section being stored

Student builders securing & covering roof sections

Covering stored roof sections

Stored roof section

Roof sheathing installed (3/14/14)

Roof sheathing 1

Roof sheathing 2

Roof sheathing 3

Sheathing overhang on purpose

Roof trusses assembly (monolithic assembly in sections) 2/24/14

Truss layout begins 1



Student builders in action

Mr. Terkovich teaching

Deep in the trusses

All trusses assembled





In the attic storage space

House #3 begins – Floor system assembly (1/27/14 & 2/6/14)

Floor joists assembled

Floor joists

Floor joists

Floor joists

Floor sheathing installation

Floor sheathing installation

Screwing down the floor sheathing