Progress Photos

Install Day (11/20/15) deliver all components to the Habitat property & assemble into a house

6 AM 2 trailers pulling out of overnight parking area

Heading off to the property

Crane setting up (8:15 AM)

1st module coming down the street

Up, up, and away to becoming a house

1st module set onto foundation

2nd module through the air

2nd module set onto foundation

1st roof section through the air

1st roof section set in place

2nd roof section in the air

3rd module lowering onto foundation

4th module being placed

Interior of the modules

3rd roof section

4th roof section

5th roof section

Last roof section into place

House all assembled (12:16 PM)

Load Day (11/19/15) all work by the students is completed and ready to load onto 7 trailers for moving

Roof section being lifted

Roof section being rotated

Two roof sections loaded

All roof sections loaded

Module ready for its debut

Coming out the door



Out & ready for trailer

Another module loaded

Another module out the door

Loaded onto the trailer

Ready to leave the school

Some of the team

Drywall installed, finished, & painted (10/28/15)

Bathtub installed


Living Room

Exterior of Living Rm module

Finishing up the painting

Insulation complete (10/9/15)

Living room insulation

Kitchen insulation

Master BR insulation

Rough-in (electrical and plumbing) complete; windows installed (10/7/15)

Windows installed

Kitchen module plumbing & electrical roughed-in

Washer plumbing rough-in

Working on tub shower plumbing

Bathroom lavatory plumbing roughed-in

Tub installed


Vycor enV-S membrane installation complete (5/29/15); school is out until end of August

WR Grace Vycor enV-S air & water barrier membrane installation training (5/21/15)                                          by Jim Simpson-Quigley – Product rep for Grace

Wall sheathing completed (5/14/15)

Walls construction & strapping completed (4/27/15)

Walls Installation in progress (4/10/15)

Dry-in of roof sections complete (3/26/15)

(prior to covering with tarps)

Dry-in & tin tags completed

Section stored in building

Nail spacing is correct

Other roof sections

Roof sections

Roof sections

Roof sections

Trusses all in tact


Roof sheathing installed (3/12/15)

Start of roof sheathing work

Sheathing in-progress

Team effort

Sheathing along the gap

Sheathing completed

Sheathing at the gap

Sheathing on all roof sections flush

Ready for felt paper dry-in


Trusses assembly completed (3/3/15)

Entire roof assembled

Hip line

Another hip line

Attic stair area

Grace donated Vycor enV wrap materials delivered

Trusses assembly in progress (2/25/15)

Sub-fascia being installed

Rat runs bracing installation

Sub-fascia installation

Sub-fascia work

Rat runs work

Rat runs installation

Cutting sub-fascia board

Floor joists assembled (1/30/15)

Floor joists assembled

Assembling the floor system

Working out floor details

Fastening rim board to joists

Floor system detail

Construction of House 4 begins (1/7/15)

LVL Rim Boards laid out

Lumber for floor system stocked in shop