Teaching, Mentoring, Support

There have been many interested, talented, and generous people and companies involved with donating time, expertise, teaching, and materials for this program.  Below is a list of hopefully all who have or will be a part of this worthy cause.  Our regrets if we have mistakenly missed recognizing a contributor (please e-mail us about our oversight):

From Seminole Ridge:

  • Rick Terkovich – Construction Academy director and instructor
  • Ron Lewis – Career Academies coordinator
  • Manuel Moya – Photography instructor who is working with his photography and videography students to document the creation and transformation of this house becoming a home.
  • James Campbell – principal who fully supports and encourages the Academy.

From the School District’s Choice Department:

  • Jim Politis – Manager of Choice Programs for Industrial Arts and Construction Academies

From Royal Palm Beach High School:

  • Patrick Raney – Air Conditioning Academy instructor
  • Jesus Armas – principal and big supporter of his school working with Seminole Ridge and Habitat on this project.

Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County:

  • Bernard Godek – executive director; chief supporter of the idea that the Construction Academy could tackle this considerable building project and succeed for both Habitat and for the students’ education.
  • Kelvin Castillo – Director of Construction for Habitat; helps manage the ordering of materials and and the move process
  • Larry Falk – Lead field superintendent for Habitat; provides construction assistance at the school


  • David Porter AIA – works with the students on design, understanding drawings, building codes, and with the construction process.  He prepared the design drawings and renderings and then completed the construction drawings.  He worked with Habitat and with the building department to meet their specific requirements.  He has helped organize and manage the whole development process and has prepared and maintains this website about the project.  David is a part of the ACE Mentoring program at the school that brings real-life, hands-on, architecture and construction experiences to the Academy students (www.porterarchitects.com)

Construction Trades:

  • Simpson Strong Tie (Ed Groblewski) –  Quik Drive representative; Ed has taught the students how to use the Simpson Quik drive drills and screws for the plywood floor sheathing (www.strongtie.com).
  • Grace Construction Products – donated the Vycor®enV-S™ self-adhering building wrap for sealing the exterior walls and the Vycor® Plus flashing to seal all doors and window to the building wrap, in addition to providing installation training to the students.
  • Applegate Interiors – provides tools and instructional assistance to students for applying the knockdown finish to the drywall.
  • Green Electric & the IBEWprovides mentoring of the students on the electrical work in the house and will then complete the electrical installation of the house once at the property.
  • Buckeye Plumbing – provides mentoring of the students for all plumbing work in the house and will then complete the plumbing of the house once at the property.
  • Weitz Construction Company is the mentor construction company for the overall Academy.  Weitz also pulls together the “moving team” to allow the project to see its completion with loading, shipping, and installation of the modular units and roof sections at the property.
  • American Engineering and Development All Florida Transport – donates tractor-trailers, drivers, and escort vehicles for the two-day move and installation process.
  • Priority Towing – donates 2 tractor-trailers and drivers to transport the roof sections to the site.
  • Precision Crane & Rigging – donates a crane and operators for two days to load the trailers and to then set the house modules and roof sections at the site to make a house (www.Precisioncranefl.com)
  • DC Crane & Rigging – has donated a crane and operator for the two days it takes to move and install the house.
  • Dixie Blueprint – donates all of the prints of the construction drawings needed for the permit, construction by the students, and construction by Habitat.
  • Bruce Tschosik – donates his time and effort to prepare the necessary Florida Energy Code calculations and documents required to prove to the building department that the house as designed & built meets the minimum Code requirements for energy use.
  • University of South Florida OSHA Training Institute and Education Center – USFOTI is a proud partner of the Academy, offering OSHA construction training and certification to the students (www.usfoticenter.org).  Graduating seniors leave school with both a 10-hour OSHA Certification as well as a 30-hour OSHA Certification.  USFOTI comes to the school each year to also teach the OSHA 7405 “Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry” course to the Academy students.
  • Construction Association of South Florida – Generous donation of tools for the Academy’s construction of the homes 



Building Inspections:

  • Palm Beach County Building Department – plan review, issuing the building permit, and inspections of the modular units while at the school (for houses located within unincorporated Palm Beach County).  The chief inspectors are being sent to the school for inspections to help teach the students about building to the Code, the inspection process, and how to interface with building departments and inspectors.
  • Lake Worth Building Department – this department provides its assistance when a house is chosen by Habitat to be located within the city of Lake Worth.  They then provide all inspections at the property and of the final installation of the installed modules and roof sections.
  • David Porter AIA – Architect – provides municipality-approved inspections of the construction that occurs at the school when the house will is to be located in a municipality rather than in an unincorporated area of the County.


  • Florida Atlantic University’s Pine Jog Environmental Education Center Kristi Moyer
  • Florida Native Plant Society – Palm Beach ChapterBrenda Mills and Rob Hopper
  • Land Design South

There have been others who have provided mentoring and/or materials for this venture who we may have mistakenly not listed.   Please e-mail us about our oversight so that our appreciation can be rightfully posted here.