Project Photos – Home of Widlene Cenom (House #2)

Finished home & Handing Over the Keys (2/27/14)

Video of part of “Install Day”

PB Post installation video

Modules and Roof Sections become a house; “Install Day” (11/13/13)

Ready to Move; “Load Day” (11/12/13)

Interior painted, trimmed, doors installed, light fixtures being installed (11/7/13)

Foundation at the property started by Habitat (10/24/13)

Knock-down finish being applied to drywall (10/22/13)

Drywall installed & being finished (9/30/13)

Roof sections being constructed(9/30/13)

Plumbing, AC, and Electrical rough inspected and approved (8/30/13)

Windows installed; plumbing, electrical rough done (5/17/13 at end of 2012-13 school year)

Blueskin installed; Plumbing rough done; electrical in progress; windows being installed (4/19/13)

(Students continue to impress with skill, workmanship, and speed; now approximately 6 months ahead of last year’s house)

Wall sheathing installed (4/3/13)

Straps installed; ceiling joist installation started (3/11/13)

Walls up (3/4/13)

Floor sheathing done; walls framing started 2/6/13

(Pace of work by students approximately 3 months ahead of schedule achieved with first Habitat house; quality so far greatly improved over House 1)

Floor framing 1/18/13

Construction start 1/8/13