Progress Photos

Progress Photos

Install Day (11/20/15) deliver all components to the Habitat property & assemble into a house

Load Day (11/19/15) all work by the students is completed and ready to load onto 7 trailers for moving

Drywall installed, finished, & painted (10/28/15)

Insulation complete (10/9/15)

Rough-in (electrical and plumbing) complete; windows installed (10/7/15)

Vycor enV-S membrane installation complete (5/29/15); school is out until end of August

WR Grace Vycor enV-S air & water barrier membrane installation training (5/21/15)

by Jim Simpson-Quigley – Product rep for Grace

Wall sheathing completed (5/14/15)

Walls construction & strapping completed (4/27/15)

Walls Installation in progress (4/10/15)

Dry-in of roof sections complete (3/26/15)

(prior to covering with tarps)

Roof sheathing installed (3/12/15)

Trusses assembly completed (3/3/15)

Trusses assembly in progress (2/25/15)

Floor joists assembled (1/30/15)

Construction of House 4 begins (1/7/15)