Progress Photos

3/9/17 H.E. Hill West Tech Cabinet Building Construction Academy (first cabinets produced by this Academy in Belle Glade, FL)

2/3/17 Install Day (same crew, trucks, and crane as on Load Day)

2/2/17 Load Day (7 tractor-trailers from Priority Towing & American Engineering, 10 workers from Weitz Const. Co., and a crane with operator from Precision Crane & Rigging: All donated)

1/27/17 Ready to Ship to site

1/25/17 Foundation block installed; concrete cap formed


1/12/17 Grade Beam formed and ready for concrete

1/15/17 Helical Piling installed of grade beam forms at the site

Siding Completed and Ready for Painting (12/14/16)

Drywall completed; siding & interior painting underway (10/24/16)

Windows installed & insulation is complete (9/21/16)

Building wrap & start of insulation (9/13/16)

Electrical and Plumbing Rough-in completed (2 weeks time) 9/8/16

Wall studs completed; wall sheathing done; ceiling joists installed (5/20/16; end of 2015-16 school year)

Wall studs up on modules (5/4/16)

Dry-in complete & roof sections stored outside (4/20/16)

Roof sheathing installed in shop (4/6/16)

Trusses all assembled in shop (3/17/16)

Floor sheathing installed (2/25/16)

Floor joists installed (2/11/16)

Floor framing lumber arrives (2/3/16)



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