2017 Progress Photos


Luna Family Residence

Miss Piney Road, West Palm Beach, FL

The Academy started construction of its 6th house for Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County on February 3, 2017. The students have shown that experience pays, with each successive house being completed in less time, with higher quality, and with less mistakes. The ship date for House #6 was November 30, 2017 and the installation date was December 1, 2017. This house will be going to a property on Miss Piney Road in unincorporated Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach County Building Department, and its chief inspectors and chief building official, are providing the inspection services at the school to integrate teaching about the inspection process into the Academy’s curriculum.


Lumber arrives & floor systems laid out (2/3/17)

Floor systems all framed (2/16/17)

Trusses assembled (3/8/17)

Roof sheathing installed; starting to move the sections outside (3/15/17)

Roof sections dried in; Walls starting to go up (4/6/17)

Walls are up (4/18/17)

Wall sheathing installed; GCP Vycor en V-S Building Wrap installation started (5/8/17)

Windows installed; Vycor V-S Building Wrap completed (6/1/17)

Rough-in of Electrical and Plumbing completed (10/9/17)

Interior drywalled & painted (11/17/17)

Load Day (loading the 4 house modules & 6 roof sections onto 7 tractor-trailers with a crane & 8 Weitz Construction workers) (11/30/17)

Install Day (off-loading house modules and roof sections onto Habitat’s awaiting foundation) (12/1/17)

Install Team (L-R): Front row: New owner (daughter and mother); Bennie (Weitz Co. forman) back row: David Porter (architect), Doug Strathie (Weitz Co. move process manager), Larry Thompson (Weitz superintendent), Weitz Co. move employee, DC crane operator, two Weitz Co. move employees

Dedication & Move-In Day (4/13/18)