2019 Progress Photos


Residence for a Habitat family

516 SW 6th Street, City of Belle Glade, FL

The Academy started construction of its 8th house for Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County on January 17, 2019. The students have shown that experience pays, with each successive house being completed in less time, with higher quality, and with less mistakes. The ship date for the previous House #7 was November 29, 2018 and the installation date was November 30, 2018. This current house will be going to a property in the city of Belle Glade in Palm Beach County. The architect and the city of Belle Glade Building Department will be performing all inspections on the house and will integrate teaching about the inspection process into the students’ construction work on the house. UPDATE: The house modules & roof sections will be loaded onto 7 tractor-trailers at the school on December 10, 2019.  The house will be assembled at the awaiting foundation in Belle Glade in the morning and early afternoon of December 11, 2019.  By approximately 3 PM on the 11th, the roof will be dried in and the doors of the assembled house will be secured.


Floor framing completed (1/17/19)

Floor sheathing completed (1/28/19)

Roof trusses assembled in shop (2/13/19)

Roof sheathing completed (2/27/19)

Roof partially dried in (2/28/19)

Roof fully dried in (3/4/19)

Exterior wall studs and straps installed (4/16/19)

Wall sheathing & interior studs completed (5/23/19) (End of school year)

Electrical and Plumbing Rough-in completed, building wrap, & windows installed by the students (10/8/19)

LOAD DAY (12/10/19)  The house parts leave the roost

The Weitz Company, DC Crane, American Engineering, and Priority Towing, in association with the Academy students and the school, donated their time, equipment, and expertise to load the 4 house modules and 6 dried-in roof sections onto 7 trailers.  They were driven to an overnight holding lot in Belle Glade awaiting assembly into becoming a house the next day.

INSTALL DAY (12/11/19)  The house parts get assembled on the foundation for the house to become a home

The Academy students have constructed the house into becoming a painted, wired, and plumbed house.  The Weitz Company and volunteer providers, fly the house parts through the air and affix them to the foundation and the roof sections to the house modules.  Habitat dries in the seams between roof sections and within this one day’s time, the individual parts form a home.  Habitat and its volunteers will complete the interior (doors, trim, cabinets, flooring, final wiring and plumbing connections) and exterior (siding, roofing, porch, shed, painting, sitework) to complete the project to become the new owner’s home.